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We sell:
  • Oil field tubular products, all sizes, new and used, limited service and API: Surface casing, production casing, production tubing, flowline.
  • Sucker rods, tanks, pumpjacks.
  • Downhole pumps and parts (we are also a full-service pump repair shop).
  • Every valve, fitting, or clamp imagineable.
  • Welding supplies, including oxygen, acetylene, and argon.
  • Lubricants, motor oil, paint, ... rope, soap and dope.
  • Fuses, electrical switches, motors, belts and wire.
  • Gloves, hats, knives and rubber boots.

If you come in the store, the coffee is free.

LV Pump and Supply * P.O. Box 569 * 203 E. Chihuahua * La Vernia * TX * 78121
Phone: (830) 779-6131 Fax: (830) 779-2005